Vastu Remedies & Corrections For Your Home

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Do you feel negative vibes in your home? Are you fed up with the bad luck and misfortune wreaking havoc in your life? Well, the chances are that your home would be having some Vastu Dosh that would be responsible for the adversities plaguing you. But hey, worry no more. We have brought for you Vastu remedies that would rid your house of all the negativities and misfortune. Read on!

Wind Chimes At The Entrance

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Contrary to the widely held opinion wind chimes are not décor items only. As per Vastu Shastra, these can bring positive energy into your home if placed correctly. People suffering from Vastu Dosh should buy a wind chime and hang it at the entrance of their house. But be careful! The wind chime you buy must have six or eight rods to create perfect harmony.

Place Your Mirror In The Right Direction

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The wrong placement of mirrors in your house can lead to Vastu Dosh resulting in discord amongst family members. However, while placing mirrors be careful and do not place them opposite the main door. You should also ensure that your bed is not reflected in the mirror.

Remove The Broken Mirrors & Stopped Clock From Your House

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As per Vastu Shastra keeping anything broken in your house brings bad luck and misfortune. Broken mirrors present the worst case as they would trigger negativity in the house. Stopped clocks should also be removed as these are believed to bring stagnation in life.

Keep Your Entrance Well Lit

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Vastu Shastra clearly states that no part of the home should be in darkness. Particularly the entrance must be well lit as it is believed to attract positive and divine vibes to enter your homes and lives.

Remove Old Clay Pots

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Vastu Shastra emphasizes the removal of old clay pots from the house. It also stresses on getting rid of old clay pots while moving into a new house as it is believed to be inauspicious to use old clay pots in a new home.

Sprinkle Sea Salt In & Around Your House

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Sprinkling little uncrushed portions of sea salt in your home will rid it of all the negativity. You can also mix sea salt with water and use it to wipe your floor. It will also bring the same effect.

Following these simple steps would remedy and remove Vastu Dosh from your home. However, you can also connect with SMC Realty and we would help you buy a house that would be Vastu compliant so that you do not have to content with any Vastu Dosh in your home.

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