5 Stunning Houses Around The World That Will Make You Go Wowww!!!

Stunning Houses Around The World

There has always been an urge in the hearts of people to standout from the rest of the world and they leave no stone unturned in their bid to be different and distinct. Read about 5 stunning houses around the world that are a tribute to their makers and their urge to stand out in the world through their construction.

Transparent House, Tokyo, Japan

Transparent House Tokyo

All those who prefer sunlight to be their constant companion would find this house in to be of their liking. A completely transparent construction, there would be no dearth of sunlight here. Built by Sou Fujimoto Architects, this house is inspired by our ancestors who lived on trees.

 Skateboard House, Malibu, California

A house cut out for hardcore skateboard fanatics. The entire house is given the shape of one big skateboarding rink. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the house is designed by Pierre Andre Senizergues, a former pro-skating world champion!

The Keret House, Poland

The Keret House Poland

World’s slimmest house, Keret House is in Poland. Its widest point is merely 152 centimetres wide.Jakub Szczęsny, the designer of the house, wanted to use every bit of the urban space even if they happen to be between two buildings and therefore squeezed his house in between two other buildings. No wonder he is the only resident living there.

 Old Water Tower, Belgium

A water tower is used to store water however, this old water tower in Belgium also doubled up as a Nazi hideout during the Second World War. However, the 100-foot high tower is today transformed into a very comfortable and modern house.

Brooklyn Clock Tower Home, New York City

An expensive inclusion in the list, the 7,000 sq ft. penthouse located at the top of Brooklyn’s Clock Tower offers stunning views of New York City and cost a mind-boggling $ 18 million.

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