7 Red Flags to spot among Toxic Partners and Shady Developers

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Toxic relationships can have a negative impact on your life without you even realizing it. This can occur in both personal and professional relationships including those with shady developers and can negatively impact your life. These individuals may appear competent and charming but can reveal their true nature through mistakes, corner-cutting, and hiding information. Dealing with toxic partner or shady developer can be draining and can lead to frustration, helplessness, and disappointment. It’s important to be vigilant and look out for red flags. By doing so, you can avoid being taken for a ride by these shady characters-


1. The Magic Trap

Just like a magician’s illusions, shady developers and toxic partners are experts at keeping secrets. Whether it’s hidden costs or their past actions, both are capable of causing pain at different intensities. They may ensure that you know everything about their world, but the reality is often far from what they’ve portrayed. Don’t be caught off guard, investigate wisely. If you suspect something’s amiss, speak up before it’s too late and in case any of you come across such a situation, tell them to…..

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2. Deceptive duos

They are like the two-faced Roman god. They have one smile for you and another for the person they’re really talking to behind your back. They’ll twist the truth like a pretzel, leaving you feeling as dizzy as a ride on a Tilt-A-Whirl. And when they say “I’ll call you later,” you better not wait, because that call is never coming back. They’ll twist the truth and leave you dizzy, like a funhouse mirror that distorts reality.

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3. Narcissistic attitudes

Narcissists only think about themselves and only pay attention to those who benefit them. They’ll act as if they’ve never heard of you, even though they were just talking to you a minute ago. They can pretend to be kind and considerate but are ace at ignoring others if things don’t go their way. If everything is going as they like they will treat you like a god. If not then they will simply-

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4. Control freaks

They love to be in charge, just like a puppet master directing their marionettes. They might seem charming and alluring at first, but soon enough they’ll be pulling your strings and dictating every aspect of your life, from what you wear to the tiles on your floor. But don’t let them make you feel –

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5. Master of breaking promises

They break promises are like New Year’s resolutions – made with good intentions, but easily forgotten by the time February rolls around. They might promise you the world, but when it comes down to it, their word is as solid as a house of cards. So if they promise you anything, don’t hold your breath –
“Promised Possession by end of this year”, “Promising to marry you by the next year”
But we all know, promises for them are meant to be broken.

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6. The art of acing the blame game

If something goes wrong, they’ll shift the blame faster than a game of passing the parcel. They’ll always find a way to make someone else responsible for their mistakes, whether it’s with excuses like “that’s all you could get for that amount of money” or “you should have called back sooner.” But don’t get caught up in their game, instead –

Bid them goodbye ASAP!

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7. Mental mayhem

Both shady business partners and toxic romantic partners can wreak havoc on your mental well-being, like a tornado tearing through a small town. It’s devastating when someone betrays you emotionally or financially, but don’t let them do it again by giving them a second chance. Stay clear of their path, and protect your peace of mind like you would a sturdy storm shelter during a tornado warning.

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It’s essential to let go of the people in our lives who don’t treat us with the respect and honesty that we deserve. This includes partners who don’t value us and developers who are less than reputable. However, finding the right partner or property can take time, and it’s crucial to work with a team of professionals who are committed to finding the best fit for you.

At SMC Realty, we pride ourselves on working only with the most reputable developers, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy partner in your search for the perfect property, look no further than SMC Realty.

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