Senior Citizen’s Checklist for Buying a New House

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Preparing a checklist would do the senior citizen’s a world of good as they search for a perfect home where they can spend their twilight years in peace and without any hassles. The checklist will include important points that people in their 60s or above must consider as they embark on a house-hunting mission. But what are the points that should find their way into the checklist? Let’s find out.

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Senior citizens only have their pension and their savings to fall back on as banks hesitate in giving loans to anyone who does not have a regular income. It is therefore very important for them to approach projects that they can easily afford.

Size Matters

Senior citizens must opt for smaller homes. Not only can they manage it more efficiently but it will not burn a hole in their pockets as well.

Safe Design

Some builders offer bar doors at the entrance and handlebars in bathrooms and halls that minimize the risk of accidents. While purchasing a home make sure that your builder has offered the same.


Senior citizens should always opt for homes with easily available round the clock transport facility.


It becomes extremely difficult and inconvenient to climb stairs at an advanced age. It is therefore important that senior citizens should opt for flats that offer proper backup and maintenance of lifts at regular intervals.

Garden and Parks

A walk in the lush green environment would do a world of good to everyone more so to senior citizens. It is therefore important that they opt for a home where there is abundant greenery around. Moreover, gardens and parks also serve as a perfect place to socialize.

Peaceful Location

Living in a peaceful locality away from the din and pollution would be very helpful for senior citizens as they can live away from pollution and in peace.

Preparing a checklist before buying a house will keep the senior citizens in good stead to buy a home that would meet their needs perfectly. Or else they can simply call SMC Realty and we would go out of our way to help the elderly buy a home where they can live comfortably and without any hassles.

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