UK Developer Laps up New Real Estate Trend

UK Developer Laps up New Real Estate Trend

COVID-19 saw the coming up of many new trends in the realty sector. One of which is work from home. Developers around the world are now paying great attention to cashing in on this new fad.

Top British homebuilder Berkeley Group however has taken this new trend to another level. It has expressed its desire to include more green spaces in its developments to meet the growing market demand.

The company intends to develop sufficient community spaces so that people have enough options of open spaces like parks within the community which would give them the freedom to move out of their homes and work from a natural and fresh location.

Unlike the bigger firms, Berkeley mainly focuses on the regeneration of Brownfield sites by redeveloping land that was earlier utilized for industrial purposes.

It might surprise many but the government incentives and growing interest in spacious properties that would facilitate the remote working trend have ensured that UK’s housing sector outperforms the wider real estate segment.

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