5 Clever Ways To Make Your Room Look Spacious

5 Clever Ways To Make Your Room Look Spacious

Playing around with furniture, lighting, and mirrors, etc. would make your room open up and appear more spacious. Read on to know about interesting and clever ways to make your room appear bigger and spacious.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can make any space look bigger and brighter effortlessly. If your home falls close to any park, river or offers an unhindered view, even if it happens to be a partial view, all that you need to do is to place a mirror on the wall close to the window so that the water, trees or open skyline can be seen from the inside. Doing so will make the room appear far more spacious than it already is.

Balance the Furniture Appropriately

Contrary to what many might think, rooms appear bigger when furnished. So, rather than removing furniture to make the room spacious one must do the opposite and keep the furniture for a spacious feel. However, one must not crowd the room with furniture where it becomes difficult to even walk. Maintaining an appropriate balance holds the key.

Make More Storage

Any room in mess would appear disorganized and small. Stacks of paper, bags, shoes, books, and clothing spread out would make the room appear clumsy and unbalanced. This can be dealt with by creating a closet at the base of a staircase which would present a better option to stash items in an organized way that will allow the room to open up.

Take Advantage of High Ceilings

If your home has high ceilings then you would do well to create a loft space above that would give you a great sleeping or storage area and make the entire room appear more spacious.

Open Up The Windows

Keeping the windows open or just slightly covered will allow more light, sunshine, and positivity in the room. Closed windows, on the other hand, will make the room appear dark and cramped. So, if you open up the window of your room you would not only make your room well lit and radiant but would also make it appear spacious than it is.

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