6 Tips to Make Your Home Look Spacious

6 Tips to Make Your Home Look Spacious

Making a small place look uncluttered and spacious is an art, and it is very interesting. It will pack a punch to the way you live, and speak volumes about your imagination and creativity. Let’s talk about a few innovative ways of how you can make a small place appear spacious:

Keep It Simple

If you have a big room then it is perfectly understandable to have plenty of decorative items. However, if the room is small, then doing so would give it a claustrophobic and cluttered feel. It will, therefore, be a good idea to keep the peripherals at a minimum and give the room a simple and elegant feel. So, if you intend to have your favourite big family portrait then ensure that it is the only decorative item in the room. Fewer items in the room will give it an open and spacious feel.

Go White

The judicious use of white on the walls with light fabrics will give the room an elegant and capacious feel. It is best advised to refrain from using heavier & darker materials and fabrics that not only absorb light but also weigh down the room. Linen is one ideal example of lightweight material that can make the room look airy and bright.

Say No to Drapes & Rugs

Get rid of drapes and rugs that give the room a cluttered and chaotic look. Opting for blinds and curtains could be a better option.

Put the Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors, if hung low, will create a delusion of a larger space. If placed innovatively they can create an illusion of a window. One must use their creativity and judiciously utilize interior decoration to create optimum space in a tiny room.

Test Your Creativity

Furniture that lies close to the ground can trick the eye into believing that the surface area is greater whereas in reality that would not be the case. The use of a bunk bed or a sofa cum bed can also prove to be very useful in using the optimum area of the room while creating a lure of larger space when the truth is otherwise. A mix of contrasting hues on the furniture, tiles or paintings, etc. in the lower half of the room will also create an illusion of greater space in a smaller room.

Innovation Holds the Key

If the room size is smaller, simpler furniture would be a good idea. Then, if little space is left between the furniture and the wall, it will create an impression of the larger area.  The area might be small and compact but if the furniture is small and sleek it will add to the style and flair of the room without eating unnecessary space.

With the aforesaid interesting ways of playing with spaces, one can comfortably conclude it’s not difficult to make your small home appear bigger and spacious. Use your imagination and creativity and make your small heaven appear cozy and compact.

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