Split Your Room In 9 Creative Ways

Split Your Room In 9 Creative Ways

Contrary to what many might think there are some easy but creative ways to split the room. This would not only save you from the expenses of erecting a wall but would also bring your creativity to the fore. Read on to find 9 creative ways to split a room and give it a new meaning.

Install A Wooden Screen

This would add an earthy flavour to your room and can prove to be just the divider you need. Depending on your budget and taste you can choose a movable wooden screen, sliding door or panels. Whatever be your choice you have a winner in your hands.

Stylish Curtains Provide Stylish Options

Indeed they do! Curtains can prove to be the most economical option when it comes to dividing the room, particularly in rented accommodation. Easy to install and easy to remove, these will give your room a stylish makeover in seconds. All you need to do is to buy trendy curtains and you are good to go.

Bookshelf or Cabinet are Handy Options As Well

Bookshelf serves dual function. It can be used to keep books as well as partition the room and give it an elegant touch. A cabinet as a partition can come in handy in cases when one wants to showcase artefacts. It presents a wonderful option to all those living in apartments.

Try Floor to Roof Panels

These can prove to be an elegant option to split the room and enhance its aesthetic appeal and that too without spending too much money. Panels can also be placed with sizeable gaps in between that would allow the free flow of light around the area. Installing sleek panels in neutral colour tones would create subtle separation within the room.

Beaded Curtains Present Quick Fix Solution

If you want to separate any space quickly yet tastefully then beaded curtains will do the trick for you. Simple yet stylish, these would create an easy barrier without blocking the view. These are also easy to walk through and do not require much maintenance either.

Fixed or Sliding Glass Partitions

Nothing can be more glamorous than glass partitions. They are available in numerous attractive designs and space and would complement the style of your home to tee. Sliding glass doors can effectively cut the noise and smell from the kitchen whereas tinted or frosted glass styles would be just perfect in giving the area a private and cosy look.

Setting Up A Counter

This is an innovative method and comes in very handy while partitioning any space. It is particularly useful while splitting a kitchen and a dining room. Installing a kitchen island can double up as a breakfast counter and a soft barrier. Such a move would maintain the openness of the space without hampering the view.

Innovatively use the Furniture

Arranging the furniture innovatively would visually separate one room into different sections. L-shaped sofas can effectively split two areas like the living room and dining room while allowing an unhindered flow of light and air. Such an arrangement works brilliantly in apartments where there is no solid wall separating both areas.

Don’t Be Blind to Blinds

Blinds take very little space and it is very convenient to assemble and move them around. They create a division without fully enclosing the space thereby maintaining a breeze feel and giving a sophisticated look to your room.

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