5 Smart Upgrades for Healthier Home


You might be surprised but folks it is simpler than you think to make your home healthier and happier. And yes, it is not at all expensive. A little effort on your part can make your home organized and clean which would also boost your mental and physical health. Read on.

Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants can breathe life into any corner of your house but hey, these are not merely décor statements. Studies have proved that interacting with indoor plants can cut down stress. These are also believed to spark creativity and purify toxins making the air fresher and healthier to breathe especially in stuffed places with little airflow. Bringing one small sapling to your home can guarantee you a range of health and stress-relief benefits.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

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We can bet that you have heard about them earlier as well but hey have you ever stopped and tried to think about the changes that they can bring to your life. Studies have proved that many home cleaners release toxic chemicals that are a potential threat to good health. Switching to non-toxic cleaning products like natural floor cleaner, eco-friendly dishwashing liquid etc. would not only be a significantly better option for you but the entire planet.

Decor That Brings Happiness

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When it comes to home décor they should not only look good but they should also increase positivity in the house and reduce stress. Hanging up mirrors opposite windows would allow more natural light in the room and make you feel positive and cut out negativity while painting walls with bright, lively and peppy colours would also make your space look cheerful and bright. Putting up artwork, or your childhood pictures or nature snaps are some of the upgrades that would give your house a happier and healthier feel.

Mat Your Doors

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Simple isn’t it? But how many of us follow these simple steps to health and happiness? Merely putting mat on your door would block nasties like dust, dirt, bugs and various disease-carrying creepy-crawlies. Do not however forget to use best quality mats and dust & clean them regularly to have maximum effect. And yes, putting mats on both inside and outside of your doorway would work as double caution and would filter out everything unhealthy before they can enter your house and cause harm.

Shun Plastic

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It’s high time we wake up to the dangers posed by aluminum foil, plastic bags etc. and adapt healthier options like glass jars and containers. Beeswax wrap for leftovers and keeping the fruits and vegetables in produce storage containers in the refrigerator would keep them fresh and healthy for longer periods and keep the harmful effects of the plastic at bay.

It is up to you to keep your house healthy and happy but you can always count on SMC Realty to help you buy the best house in your budget from the top developer of the country.


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