What Makes Real Estate An Attractive Option For Seasoned Employees Who Are Laid Off Because Of COVID-19?

In the present scenario, lay-off has become quite an apparent pattern amongst various industry verticals. The occurrence of Covid-19 has led to corporations dealing with a three-dimensional crisis — humanitarian, medical and economic.

The experienced employees being laid off were obviously never prepared for an excruciating circumstance like this, but nobody can change the reality.

Sustenance has been difficult in these times — cash crunch was inevitable and downsizing seemed like the only call to move forward.

The working professionals laid off during Covid-19 would have never wanted their resumes to say laid-off, but now that it has become an undeniable fact.

The current time becomes elemental in deciding how these professionals want their careers to shape ahead.

Sometimes opportunities are lying in front of us, but we never choose to explore them because of the fear of uncertainty and conventional job prospects being readily available.

However, if a professional recently laid off comes to think of the bigger picture here, both the factors inhibiting people to explore career options can be put to rest.

The recent times demand unconventional thinkers and uncertainty has become the order of the day due to the disoriented timeline of the virus.

Realty sector is one such industry that has never been a popular career choice for young and experienced professionals.

Moving forward with this article, we are going to be summarizing how real estate can be a progressive and promising sector to venture into if you are planning on changing fields.

Growth and expansion

The real estate industry can never go out of the market; profits and losses being the part and parcel of every business. Realty market is not just run by developers, investors or other high-end individuals who have high capital potential.
The industry is vast and is constantly expanding. The introduction of the concept of ‘Smart Cities’ and improving infrastructure in Tier II and Tier III markets will help the sector in unfolding multiple successes.

India is supposedly going to be the next hub for MNCs and businesses shifting base from China due to its land availability, cheaper labor and FDI norms.

All these factors are indicative that the sector needs more skilled professionals to handle the dynamic demands of homebuyers, investors and workplaces.

Myth: It needs a lot of capital investment

Entering into the real estate industry can be just like any other corporate industry, where there will be hiring and a regular 8-9 hours of desk job.
It is a myth that you need a lot of capital investment for setting your foot in. There are varied jobs other than being a broker, developer and contractor.

Two categories of real estate operations

Real estate sector provides two categories of operations — core and specialized.
Specialized Professionals: Facility Managers, Property managers, Sustainable development experts, Valuers etc.

Core Professionals: Engineers, Architects, Finance Analysts and Lawyers, Management & Sales, Business Development, Interior Designers and Planners.

So, if you are someone who has 3-4 years of working experience; real estate is just the ideal industry for you to begin something afresh.

Skills of organization, multi-tasking, communication, delegating and delivering targets are essential qualities for an employee working in real estate industry as well, just like any other corporate industry.

Real estate industry is adaptive and inclusive

The real estate industry is welcoming and helps you update quickly to the changing standards. The world around is going for a drastic change and so are the industries.

This is ideally the best time for inclusivity, as even the experienced professionals are in the process of understanding the changing market dynamic.

Thereby, if you are a working professional who is channelized to achieve growth individually and for the organization that you get associated with, then strike while the iron is hot.

Take up the challenge of choosing something unconventional and spin that venture into a laudable achievement.

(Source: India Today)

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