Why You Must Buy A Property When It Is ‘Newly Launched’?

Must Buy A Property When It Is 'Newly Launched'

If you are facing the dilemma of whether or not you should buy a newly launched property then you have landed at the right place. Read on to find out some cool benefits that you get if you invest in such properties. 

Handsome Offer for Early Birds

Most builders offer attractive prices during the initial launch phase to woo the customers. This is the best opportunity when you can buy your dream home at the least possible rate. Whether you want to buy the property as a long-term investment or to move in, newly launched projects are your best chance.A project that is about to launch (Initial launch) has best offers. Once launched these offers are different. Pre-Launch offers are the best.

Customized Choices

Newly launched property gives you the best opportunity to make your own choice regarding preferred floor, unit, view etc. Interior modification is also possible at this stage. Once the project is completed introducing any change becomes very difficult.

Smart Investment

Newly launched property gives you the best opportunity to get maximum return on investment. Price escalation after the completion of the project will work for you in such cases. You can sell your flat anytime after the project is completed. Indeed, the newly launched project is just the right time for future investment.

Easy & Relaxed Payment

New launch projects mostly come with schemes like no EMI till possession. Moreover, while purchasing a newly-launched project you would only require to pay 10%-20% of the cost to builders till the property is handed over to you.

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